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The Insatiable Impetus to Write

To the unacquainted passerby and even to the well-seasoned friend, my explanation for why I had the insatiable impetus to write fiction would make no sense. Any discussion of it probably sounds effectively elusive or marginally mystical.

Starting on this series – yes, I said series, not just one standalone book – wasn’t so I could be cool, check off a bucket-list item, or fulfill an American dream. In fact, the timing and prognosis for success, on the face of it, couldn’t have been worse. When I began writing this adult fiction, my life was in the toilet. A promised love had turned sour. It was exponentially worse than curdled milk left out on a warm, humid day. It was an embittered, vengeful thorn that continually hunted (not haunted, hunted) me and bludgeoned my trust in people to care or love when it mattered most.

And yet, I had an overwhelming sense, a calling that would not be ignored, to write about love. That’s right, in the thick of an emotional tsunami that turned my life inside out, upside down, and then shook me like a San Andreas Fault earthquake; I was supposed to use words to encourage others about indiscriminate love that withstands trials, storms, misunderstandings, mistakes, and the test of time. I was to show that hope and brightness still exist amidst blinding darkness, corruption, and cruelty.

Hence, my genre-bending storytelling dive into magical realism was born. Are you ready?


Now, it’s your turn.

What’s your passion?

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10 thoughts on “The Insatiable Impetus to Write”

  1. My passion as a writer (if my first work of fiction ever actually gets written!) is to confront the reader, but not offend the reader, with those all-too-familiar secret thoughts, fears, want tos and wish I hads, and if only they knews — those things we all-too-often think we need to go to our graves with, and see that those things are exactly what God can use, if we’ll only let him, to make us the heroines and heroes of our own lives. God wants us heroic. But we’ll do almost anything to keep ourselves from it, it seems. it often takes great pain and terrible loss for us to take up the tools of faith. The loss of a person, place or pursuit that is the pinnacle of our desire can saves us. Conversely, finally gaining the affection of one we most ardently admire after all-out assault can spell a lifetime of regret. It is in those Inner Reaches and the ways that the Outer World’s horrors draw them out that Real Life is birthed and Real Story is written. I want to be the hand of the Writer.

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