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Cultivating Change

Lily Chang © 2018

I find a particular kind of creature fascinating for a number of reasons. I’m going to share three, here.

First, it’s complex. People borrow layers of an onion to describe the intricacies and labyrinth of human emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Well, this creature doesn’t disappoint in possessing undiscovered enigmas. That isn’t to say we have nothing on it. For instance, we know the stages it goes through, how it grows, and how it absorbs nutrients. But, we cannot be sure what happens within those stages or how it passes from one stage to another. I also wonder how it has the awareness or the where-with-all to do certain things, such as figuring out how to assemble its proboscis when entering the last cycle.

Second, this type of creature is strong and built to last, despite its fragile appearance.

It has been around a longggggg time. It predates flowers, and they have been in existence forever. Okay, maybe not quite that long. But, you get the point.

It survives, in spite of the odds, including a generous supply of predators after it, including: dragonflies, birds, spiders, wasps, ants, toads, just to list a few.

And, its abilities amaze me. It can pull necessary survival nutrients, such as salts and minerals, from mud puddles and even unsavory sources, such as dung and blood. Mysterious and incredible, right?

Third, but not least, the metamorphosis this creature undergoes has me spellbound in wonder. It starts out as a teeny weeny, stationary thing and changes into something mobile but grounded. And then, it, in the end, takes flight.

I’ve written a poem about ‘taking flight.’ Perhaps I’ll share that with you soon.

Have you figured out what kind of creature I’m talking about, yet?

Of course you have. Because you’re brilliant.

Yes. You are.

The flutter-by, I mean butterfly.

Lily Chang © 2018

For the reasons I shared earlier, I find butterflies fascinating. But, the idea of metamorphosis rings true in other ways as well.

Transformation shows up, in my writing, sometimes through character growth and sometimes in story progression. Check it out, as my works of fiction, the series I’ve mentioned in passing before, get published.

For now, I’ll share a personal way change and transformation has taken place in my life. Remember that promised love turned sour I spoke about in an earlier post? Well, when I was in the throws of the storm, it wasn’t pretty. I was stuck in the muddy trenches getting shot at so to speak. During that time, the worst of it spanning some three years, I dropped so much weight, I couldn’t donate blood, my sleep was restless and fraught with nightmares, and I spent many waking hours crying. But, I didn’t just wither away and die.

Lily Chang © 2018


Instead, I worked through the pain. I spent time learning more about who I was, seeking counseling, praying, leaning on community support, and pursuing creative releases, where I could communicate my raw and intense feelings. Although I’m not done with that healing process, I’m far enough along to say that I’m a stronger and, dare I say, better person than I was before. And, people who have been through similar situations or other difficult trials have found me a worthy companion to whom they could confide their darker moments and struggles.

Lily Chang © 2018

Now, I would love to hear from you.

In what ways, in your life or in your art, have you experienced or displayed a transformation or metamorphosis?

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