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Love between Siblings, Twins

In  the most recent post, Love for All, I talked about how love can be expressed in different ways. Together, we can look at examples of this.

Feel free to include examples you’ve seen or experienced, by sending them to me via e-mail or including them in the comment section.

Today’s example is love between siblings, twins specifically.

Lily Chang © 2018

Just like any other siblings, they…

play together,

fight like the world’s going to end,

cover each other’s backs,

share stuff but fiercely protect their belongings,

wrestle, grab, hit, scream,

but yet, come back together,

and unite.

Lily Chang © 2018

Twins do all that and more.

Some argue the connection and unity between twins go further and deeper.


Who do you connect with in this way? It doesn’t have to be a sibling.

You can talk, play, laugh, cry, fight, be serious, goof off, and misunderstand each other, but still come back together and be together.

Who is the person or who are these persons in your life? It’s your turn to speak.

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