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Making Life Delicious One Bite at a Time

The daily grind can be downright frustrating, annoying, and discouraging.

There’s a threshold for tolerating such nonsense. Listening to others’ word vomit. Inching through traffic moving no faster than a slimy snail. Doing thankless jobs and tasks. Then, it becomes too much.

Yet, many of those irritations remain unavoidable. We have to put up with them.

Lily Chang © 2018

On my good days or in my good moments, I weave in delight by doing little things.

Taking some time to observe what’s around me and enjoy what’s there is one example.

I was running late yesterday, but I paused to enjoy this flower. Actually, it was more than a momentary stop. Someone lent me a camera with a macro lens. I couldn’t resist. I don’t have the images, yet. But, drinking in the beauty and playing with a macro lens made me giddy with excitement.

Lily Chang © 2018

Food is another instance. I can’t eat just to get eating done. Well, I can, but that’s not preferable.

I prefer food that is filled with mouth-watering deliciousness, exquisiteness and beauty.

So, for breakfast this morning, I created this dish: seared salmon over porridge, with shiitake mushrooms (a favorite) and Nicoise olives to further tease the taste buds.

Lily Chang © 2018

It was so good, and it brightened the start of my day.


What do you do to make life delicious, one bite at a time?

I’ve shared two things.

Now it’s your turn.

2 thoughts on “Making Life Delicious One Bite at a Time”

  1. What do I do to make life delicious, one bite at a time? Lately? The “Party Size” bag of Milk Chocolate M&M’s. We lay them out on the table. She selects her M&M’s carefully, two at a time, color-matched (of course) and eats them slowly, savoring them. I try that, two at a time — sometimes the colors match, sometimes they don’t — and melt the hard candy off the chocolate, then savor the chocolate hiding inside, when its soft and creamy. But unlike her, at some point, I lose patience with this dainty method: I get to where I just want to CRUNCH the things and experience big bursts of flavor. Advice: Don’t do this M&M thing too close to bedtime. Can keep you up buzzing a bit. (Chocolate does have caffeine.) Also, don’t let the size of the package lead you down the wrong path. The Party Size keeps the cost-per-M&M quite low. And we don’t extinguish an entire package in a single sitting! (Puh-leez!) Far from it. Lasts a long time. Days, even. We’re not (quite) certifiable. Not yet, anyway.

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