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Who We’re Meant to Be

We spend our lives rushing through the mundane and cumbersome, trying to get to the “good” stuff.

But what if we’re only shortchanging ourselves by taking shortcuts where none should be taken?

Lily Chang © 2018

Athletes train and work hard to do well. Likewise musicians must practice diligently and consistently to play well. Cutting corners prevents people from doing better or reaching their full potential.

Becoming good and becoming who we were meant to be takes time and effort. We’ve got to develop and mature.

Does the mere suggestion of working hard make you tired?

I’m exhausted just thinking about. And maybe discouraged.

Why can’t everything be easier and faster? Require less effort?

Not sure.



Lily Chang © 2018

I’ll admit I’ve been impatient with the writing process at times. Why can’t I be done already? Good things take time.

Why, oh whyyyyy? Does it have to?

It really does.

Good writing takes lots of writing, writing, rewriting, revising, writing.

I mentioned writing, right?

But, I’m willing to wait and take the time to make my writing really good. I want it to be delicious. Can’t-put-it-down delicious.



Lily Chang © 2018

Back to the topic at hand — becoming who we were meant to be — spending time as an egg, and caterpillar, chrysalis, so to speak, are crucial periods of time, for changing and maturing. We’ve got to observe, listen, learn, and grow.

But, it’s worth it, when the metamorphosis is complete and we’ve become  butterflies.

Lily Chang © 2018

Stay tuned for the next two parts of this post:

  1. Being True and Good to Ourselves
  2. Teeming and Teaming with Awesomeness

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