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Community and Gratitude

In my previous post, Teeming and Teaming with Awesomeness, I talked about the importance of community.

Lily Chang © 2018

My community has been and is without boundaries.

One individual volunteered as a doula to coach me through birthing and delivering twins. I’ll never forget her. She stood by my side, pain and all, in a very difficult time in my life. She’s family.

Some have known me much longer. They’re on the sidelines cheering me on, even when they don’t quite understand the situation or what I’m doing. They love me, as I am.

There have been groups I’ve spoken to — listening to the attendees, encouraging and educating them. I want to give them a real sense that they’re not alone and that life is doable and hopeful. They’re my community.

So, I have a variety in my community — whether they’re passing through my life or have been around for awhile, helping with one thing or sticking around for the nitty-gritty, younger or older, recovering addict, divorced, broken.

You belong here, as well. Come as you are. Be you and come, listen, be a part, participate.

For my community, including you, I am thankful. Ever thankful.

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