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Slow as a Snail Sullenness

Lately, I feel like snails move faster and do more than I do.

At least they’re going places.

They might seem slow.

But, at least they’re moving.


Lily Chang © 2018

On blogging, I get plenty of recommendations on how to get more traffic to my blog, followers, likes, and comments.

Be unique.

Visit other blogs, follow them, like and comment on posts.

Write to the audience’s interests.

Be funny.


I mean, why not ask me to grow horns on horses and make unicorns,

or bring people to life from the dead (I don’t mean zombies, because they’re creepy),

or paint rainbows across the sky?

My creative muse turns a deaf ear to expectations. In fact, when they present themselves, she runs and hides.

Or, she freezes like a statue, unwilling to move, communicate, or be merry.

If I listen too long to expectations or spend too much time drooling over all the amazing things people are doing in their blogs, I’d want to quit.

Stop moving.


Because I don’t have anything worthwhile to say or contribute.

If I believe that crap,

I’d lose my driving passion for writing —

bringing people together


fostering community.

Lily Chang © 2018

So, I’m just going to keep doing my thing…


2 thoughts on “Slow as a Snail Sullenness”

  1. Seems like the challenge for the blogger is often “How do I find an audience?” But I wonder if that’s the wrong question? If I make it my goal to make my blog attractive to people, I’m re-arranging who I am (actually suppressing who I am) in favor of what I think … imagine … frankly, guess, they might be looking for. I’m catering, as you point out, to the expectations of others. And in most cases, I really have no access to what those expectations might be. It’s not just a difficult job. It is, in fact, an impossible one. So I’m thinking you’re on the right track. Your Muse is probably more likely to prefer to simply be Herself and do what she’s been doing all along. That’s got you this far. Might as well trust Her to get you the rest of the way there — wherever that may lead. In a sense, it’s about forgetting the bit about “finding your audience.” The goal is to create. Do your artistic best. Turn your Muse loose. Encourage Her to fly. I suspect your audience will then find you.

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