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Porous, Profound Persons

Recently, I met with two people who have impacted my life deeply.

One individual I’ve known most of my life.

The other for much less time by comparison.

But both, amazing ladies in their own right, have encouraged me, challenged me to grow, and loved me for me.

Lily Chang © 2018


Though she was officially my piano teacher, Ms. Carter ignited and nudged me to love doing, playing, and creating music. My parents listened to and invested in my artistic desire, and Ms. Carter helped that passion mature and grow.

This photo was taken by Marijean Rue

Nancy started as my teacher and writing mentor. In the short time we’ve become acquainted and gotten to know each other, she’s become a friend, kindred spirit, and life mentor. Convinced of my artistic talents and gifts, she won’t settle for anything less than (my) fostering and pursuing my creative best. And, I wish the same for her.

Lily Chang © 2018

I’m a better person because of who they are, their long-term investments in me, and their continued encouragements.

And, I am truly thankful.

Who has transformed your life?

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