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Filling the Creative Tank

Until a veteran, published author encouraged me relatively recently to do art to improve my writing, I thought doing that stuff was engaging in frivolous activities with spare time I didn’t, don’t have, and couldn’t afford.

She insisted that doing art would help. It would refill the creative tank. I’d have more to bring to the writing table. At least insofar as writing fiction is concerned.

Academic writing, philosophical research, which is where I’ve been, is a different beast altogether. But, I stray from the subject.

A part of me has doubted the effectiveness of artistic endeavors, not because I question the truthfulness of what was said or the wisdom imparted.

My resistance has had more to do with figuring out time to do it all. I barely have time to write and revise as it is.

But, this published author, amazing writing mentor, and dear friend is right. Filling that creative tank is pretty important stuff. It’s necessary and crucial for good writing.

And, last night was testimony of that.

After dinner, I pulled out my jewelry-making material and created a present for an upcoming, important birthday. And, after I finished making two pieces, I not only had the energy to revise, which was unusual, but writing was fun and exciting. And, at this stage in the game, head deep in revisions —  working on revision #11 — that’s saying something.

I’m going to end this post by including three (of several different) ways I fill my creative tank:

ONE — painting:

Lily Chang © 2018

TWO — creating beautiful, tasty dishes:

Lily Chang © 2018

THREE — making jewelry:

Lily Chang © 2018

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