formidable love, love, writing

Formidable Love

Lily Chang © 2018

You get up, groggy and you fall out of bed,

drag yourself to work, where the routine makes no sense.

Don’t ask questions.

Act like you’re dense.

Once you’re off the clock, not sure what to do.

Take a random person to bed, smoke some skunk.

Numb the pain, for there’s no other gain.

You’re all but through.

There’s got to be more to life than taking a dunk.

Through the darkness and pain,

a formidable love awaits.

Not stealing from you, neither power nor gain,

more devoted than that one-night date.

This love sticks around,

when the hangover’s going strong

or you’re struggling to find stable ground

and you feel alone and the day is long.

It doesn’t promise fun and games,

where you’re flying high like ecstasy.

But, it encourages you to keep your name

to come just as you are, and be free.


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