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Free, free, FREE!


I don’t know what’s wrong.

I shared a give away about a week and a half ago —  Personalized Watercolor Card Giveaway. And, there haven’t been that many bites.

I want to share some artwork. Send some mail. Encourage!

It’s free.

And, you’re getting personal mail from me.

I’ll send it anywhere. Even to the ends of the earth.


You just have to READ and follow the directions.

The short version is this: be a follower on my blog or my Instagram AND leave a comment (saying something about the watercolor, what you like about it, or why you’d like mail).

Was that so hard?

You can do it.

There’s only TWO days left to go.


Those of you who have followed the directions and sounded in, great job.

Maybe you can encourage others to do the same.

Or, if you know me personally, say something to assure others.


Between here and Instagram, I’m giving away and mailing (up to) twenty-two, that is TWENTY-TWO free cards.

Hop on it.

And, be one of the ones who can proudly say that you have a lovely piece of mail from me, back before I became a famous, bestselling fiction writer.

Ready. Set. GOOOOOOOO!

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