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Spreading My Wings

Lily Chang © 2018

A good friend, the kiddos, and I were at the Butterfly Pavilion this afternoon, when I stared at a dead leaf butterfly and experienced an epiphany.

I had confessed recently to you about my dreading, grudging attitude toward writing my synopsis and query. You can review it here: Whimpering. That problem isn’t anyone’s but mine.

Lily Chang © 2018

I saw lots of beautiful butterflies.


Lily Chang © 2018

But, the colors of one stole my attention.

It wasn’t until one of the kiddos identified the kind of butterfly it was that I realized it was our friend, the dead leaf butterfly. Only then, did I realize that, as of now,

to any agent or publisher,

I’m just another writer,

like the dead leaf butterfly is, when it’s wings are fanned back.



Lily Chang © 2018

However, writing the different synopses, the one-page sell sheet, the hook, and query are ways in which I show how my writing (and who I am) stand out. It is in those pieces that the agents and publishers see me spread my wings open, like the dead leaf butterfly, and experience just how unique and special my works of fiction are.

Lily Chang © 2018



Thank you, Nancy, for encouraging me along and bringing to light just how vivid and bright my wings are.