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Making Music and Joy

Lily Chang © 2018

Numerous volunteer music teachers dedicate time, wisdom, gifting, and love into teaching children how to play musical instruments. They do this every week during the school year, to encourage consistent practice, improve skill, and build relationships with these young people.

This all started from the vision of a business man who loved music and wanted to make sure everyone, including those who were struggling financially, could have a chance to learn music.

Mr. James A. Dick used his strong business skills and established wealth to purchase a building in Knoxville, Tennessee, and start a non-profit school — The Joy of Music School — where lessons were and are given. He grew a network of volunteer teachers, asked people to donate musical instruments, and petitioned individuals and companies to donate money to meet the many needs of this non-profit organization.

In a time where music and the arts are no longer taught in the schools, because reading, science, and math are take focus (at the cost of the arts), it’s refreshing to see a philanthropist bring music back to the community.

Lily Chang © 2018

Ms. Carter, my piano teacher of some 12 years, who is now 93 and no longer teaching piano for pay or privately, has 7 students at The Joy of Music School. Her daughter, Julie Carter, is the Director of Music Education there. She’s got much to do, including coordinating all the volunteer teachers with the children who qualify for lessons.

James A. Dick, Ms. Carter, Julie Carter, and countless others have gathered around to build a community where music can be practiced and enjoyed.

Truly amazing.

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