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My ‘Thanks’

Lily Chang © 2018

Early last week, I wanted to start a weekly ‘thankful’ list.

Here’s why.

We live in a world where ugly things happen all the time and everywhere. And heinous deeds, whether personal or not, can impact and wound us deeply.

But, those aren’t the only sort that influence us.

Good things can leave a last impression, too.

Hope and love still exist.


I didn’t and don’t have any good reason for not having a list last week. The excuse was pathetic, really. I wanted it to look tidy and cool. So, nothing got written. Screw that.

Here’s my ‘thankful’ list for last week:

  • Proctoring for the String Ensemble seating audition.
  • Acquiring a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye for a decent price.
  • Enjoying aburi hotate (seared scallops).
  • A random stranger figuring out why my attempt to load 120-size film (onto my Brownie) wasn’t working.
  • The same gentleman giving me one of his extra 620-size spools.
  • Being gifted a Kodak Tourist (camera). That was a most pleasant surprise.
  • Spending time with particular friends (you know who you are!).
  • Having the ophthalmologist take the time to explain different issues of concern.
  • Being able to see distance more clearly.
  • Picking out fun specs.
  • Finding a Royal De Luxe.
  • Finishing various component parts, the basics, for my agent search: one-sentence synopsis, 75-word synopsis, half-page synopsis, two-page synopsis, one-page sell sheet, query, marketing and social media possibilities.

4 thoughts on “My ‘Thanks’”

  1. Ah … the gratitude list. Key to sanity and serenity. The list of things we need to remember to be grateful for is actually quite long, and with a little practice we can review and add to that list with little trouble and, in the process, keep ourselves well on the good side of the glass-half-full view of life. It’s really the only place to be. And a little healthy work can keep us there.

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  2. One gratitude list:
    1) Grateful that we had cloud cover today and temperatures were moderate so I could, at last, attack the weeds in the back yard.
    2) Grateful, once again, that I found a better (read much healthier) alternative solution to the cat litter box on the carpet.
    3) Grateful that I continue to visualize plot moments for my book, and that I feel energized to write.
    4) Grateful that although I was laid off from my job of eighteen years two weeks ago, I can honestly say I’m relieved to have the opportunity to consider other, more creative directions.
    5) Grateful to have reasonably good health at my age. I can do things physically that my father wouldn’t have dreamed of doing at the same age.
    6) Grateful to have a container of gelato in one of my favorite flavors waiting for me in the refrigerator.
    7) Grateful to be experiencing, day after day, that God is perfectly capable of getting me what I need, when I need it, if I get out of His way.

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