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Random Roller Coaster Ride


For a few years, I worked on the manuscript to my first novel in a series of adult fiction, magical realism specifically. And then, someone with much more writing and publishing experience came alongside me and became my writing mentor. For nearly a year, this brilliant and talented individual guided me, and I kicked revisions into high gear and finished my final draft at the beginning of this month.

Lily Chang © 2018

Since I’m going the traditional publishing route, I wanted to keep moving.

I didn’t slow my pace, but instead, fastened my seat belt and continued on to other pieces.

A head shot.


1-sentence synopsis.

75-word synopsis.

Half-page synopsis.

Two-page synopsis.

One-page sell sheet.

Then, it was time to research and find the best suited agents. I relied mainly on Guide to Literary Agents and Writer’s Market.


Last week, I started querying agents at various agencies.

It has been a week since I sent the first set.

And, I’ve been a nervous twitch. And excited.

Why haven’t I heard anything, yet?

Yeah, yeah. I hear it’s a lengthy process. I’ll be fortunate to hear anything, any time soon. Anything at all. Even a rejection e-mail.

I’ve checked my e-mail more frequently than I care to admit.

And finally, I got my first rejection e-mail. It was gracious and kind. And, it was a response. Very professional.

Still, it’s a ‘no.’ Where’s my go-to dark chocolate? Or maybe I need a swig of champagne. Or a deep swallow of some ruby port.

I realize I should hold my head up high.

I’m aware of the stats. Even for famous people, like J. K. Rowling, it took much repeated effort to gain acceptance and publication.

Be patient. Persevere. Don’t give up hope.

Be productive, even. I need to be working on the manuscript for Book 2. I have much to do there.

But, I’m nervous, and I’m scared. I’m giddy and excited. Then, I’m anxious, again.

I oscillate back and forth, without much warning.

Great fun.

Still, I must do my best to put one foot in front of the next….


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