gratitude, thankful, thanks

Just Tattered and Torn? Nah.

I’m grateful for much this week. Here’s a start:

  • Catherine McCall, for her willingness to be vulnerable, transparent, authentic, and real (when sharing her difficult and raw experiences in her memoir) to help others.
Lily Chang © 2018
  • The reminder that we still have much to offer when we’re tattered and worn.
  • My voice teacher.
  • Tickets to see Sarah Brightman perform live, for her world tour of HYMN, toward the beginning of next year, thanks to a certain secret kindred spirit and admirer.

Lily Chang © 2018

  • Lauren Burgess, her vision and passion, for insisting that “People with differences deserve better” and for offering practical and helpful assistance to individuals with autism and related disabilities. Going to Dirt Coffee Bar was a breath of fresh air.
Lily Chang © 2018
  • This Yashica Mat-124G. I’m giddy. I’m ecstatic. I’m twirling and dancing.
  • A certain daughter of mine. She’s worth celebrating in so many ways. And, she’s finished another year of life.
  • The Gluten Escape, for making so many yummy, allergy-free (gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free) goodies that are safe for my kiddos and me.
  • Nasacort. It has helped me get that gross stuff that’s trapped between my nasal passages and my throat out. TMI? Sorry. I’ll stop.

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