camera, coffee, photography

Dynamic Duo

Lily Chang © 2018

My eyes grew wider than a super moon making its rare appearance, when my parents gave me my first camera as a teenager. The equipment itself wasn’t anything special. It was a point-and-shoot film camera. What got me so excited was capturing beauty in a frame.

My love and passion for coffee started more recently, in college.

Now, bringing two of my loves together is wonderful.


I’m about to pick up the first roll of film I shot with my newly acquired Yashica Mat 124G.  I had loaded it with Tri-X 400. Black and white film.

I’ve not worked with a film camera, where the focus knob and the shutter release are on opposite sides of the camera. Plus, when I started shooting yesterday morning, it was chilly outside and my hands weren’t that steady. I’m giddy and nervous with anticipation.

We’ll see what happened with those twelve exposures.

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