waiting, writer, writing

Wandering Weary

Lily Chang © 2018

Three weeks have passed since I first started sending out queries.

I’ve gotten three rejection emails. Perhaps there have been more that have turned me away. The agencies simply don’t have the resources to let me know.

Excitement and anticipation have slipped into an abysmal sinkhole. Doubt and darkness have crept in.

Struggling with people who are mean and take issue with the most insignificant matters and individuals who have committed abhorrent deeds against others and have lied about it has dragged me further into despair.

I feel like I’m wandering weary.

This isn’t a place I want to stay and take up residence. Perhaps I stopped there, but it’s time to leave the station and continue on the journey.

Hope and love exist. I am convinced of this.

More importantly, i want to encourage others while we continue muddying through all this muck.

Even in the midst of a charging, unrelenting storm, goodness sticks around.

One way I can do this is through my writing.

So, it is time to peel myself off the floor and resume putting words on a page. Perhaps I can start with taking one of my favorite Sailor fountain pens to paper.

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