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Waxing Wonder

Sadness, frustration, disappointment, and discouragement have dragged me under.

I don’t understand why people — children as well as adults — have to argue about everything. Everything. Even about insignificant details.

And, few want to assume or admit their share of the trouble and responsibility.

Life is already challenging and difficult, without the bickering and fighting. Wouldn’t it be nice if we became a community, supporting one another?

Some people got together at the beginning of the week to reminisce and remember a friend who had committed suicide five years ago, at the age of 19. A local high school experienced one suicide last week and another this week.

In a totally different situation, another individual, following a detailed investigation, was found guilty of violating the Sexual Harassment and Interpersonal Violence Policy in the work place, was recently deemed responsible regarding some allegations, but refuses to admit fault, and has attacked those conducting the investigation and others.

Those troubling occurrences have left undesirable impressions on me.

That isn’t to say I wanted to wallow in the pit of despair and disgust.

Lily Chang © 2018

So, I decided to take a few hours off, yesterday and seek some of my favorites.

This begins my current gratitude list:

  • I have a free light meter app at my disposal. I found out from a fellow film camera enthusiast at a local camera shop I can use a light meter app to meter when using my Yashica. I was beyond excited. I’m hopeful more prints will turn out (that’s a long story).
  • 120 film. I was so giddy about having assistance in metering. This will suffice until my mind resurrects the experience and knowledge from my developing and printing days. Anyways, I picked up three rolls of black and white film and two color.
Lily Chang © 2018
  • My Yashica Mat-124G. I’ve come to really enjoy carrying my twin-lens reflex camera. I affectionately call him ‘Charles,’ after one of the main characters in my story, who’s a philosophy professor and photographer.
  • Beautiful, tasty, hand-crafted beverages. I love my mochas from those artistic baristas at Little Owl Coffee Company.
  • Local or independently owned coffee shops, such as Spur Coffee, Dirt Coffee, Stella’s Gourmet Coffee and Tea, Little Owl Coffee, and Amante Coffee.

Lily Chang © 2018

  • People. They fascinate me, and I love to people-watch.
  • Crimson Rose Masquerade, a unique costume boutique that carries leather masks painted by local artists and other fascinating wears.
  • A heavy, long, hooded cape. I’ve been looking for a cape, since I first loved the musical “The Phantom of the Opera.” I found the perfect one at Crimson Rose Masquerade. This lined cape was made in the UK.
  • Shaded parking. While waiting in the carpool lane, my car had shaded coverage, which made the 30-40 minute wait cooler and more tolerable.
  • Conversation with one of my best friends. We’ve been close friends since the fourth grade. Touching base with her is always good.

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