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Conversation in Community

Lily Chang © 2018

Before I was cast into the throws of the harshness and cruelness of reality, I loved chatting with people.

A goal is to rekindle that love of talking with others and hearing their life stories.

I might have mentioned here that I’m visiting at least one new (new to me, anyways) coffee shop a week. The pick for this week, for yesterday, was Metropolis Coffee. The place was fascinating in itself, and it’s located in arguably the oldest neighborhood in Denver — Baker Neighborhood.

Lily Chang © 2018

Lily Chang © 2018

I had scoped out the coffee shop’s website — Metropolis Coffee — per my usual, and I noticed some coffee art photographs.

I ordered a hot drink, contrary to my personal preference, in hopes of getting a well-designed creation; but I couldn’t distance myself from something sweet. So, I ordered a mocha. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it was sweeter than ones I’ve had at other coffee shops.

While sipping on that wonderful work of art, I entertained asking the barista to allow me to video him, as he made another caffeinated beverage. I’d even offer to pay for another drink.

But, I stalled and hesitated, as if I were shy or scared.

I decided that was silly.

I approached him finally. He was more than willing to make another beverage and allow me to capture him in motion.

Lily Chang © 2018

After he made the drink, I showed him the video, and we talked. Not only did I learn more about the important considerations in making a presentable work of art when crafting a drink, but also, I learned more about the man behind the coffee bar.

Good times.

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