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Thankful Thursday

Lily Chang © 2018

It’s been cloudy and cold all week.

Many conversations and dealings encrusted in bitterness and self-indulgence I’ve had to referee.

However, I will not be sucked into a dark cloud but instead shall share some pockets of brightness and joy.

I’m thankful for…

  • Cloud coverage on my morning drives every day this week, so I don’t have to make out the distance of the car in front of me or the illuminated color of the next traffic light through slits of invasive sunlight.
  • Waiting school buses on the mornings we’ve arrived late.
  • Unique and interesting coffee shops to enjoy.
  • Conversations with new acquaintances at Metropolis Coffee and Spur Coffee.

Lily Chang © 2018

  • Baristas who let me video them as they created coffee art. Thanks, Emma and Tom!
  • “You’ve Got Mail” and a kindred spirit to enjoy the viewing together.
  • Good prints from two rolls of film, one color and one black and white, taken with my Yashica Mat-124.

Lily Chang © 2018

  • Fresh scallops and salmon (and seafood, in general), prepared to perfection and presented beautifully at Sushi Den.
  • My love.
Lily Chang © 2018

Lily Chang © 2018

  • A new acquaintance – designer and co-owner, Tanya, at a coffee shop (newly opened Spur Coffee, in downtown Denver), who, along with her husband, dreamed about leather and canvas carry-all goods and made it a reality when they started Winter Session in 2010. They employ artisans in a space located in Denver.
  • Another mom from the kiddos’ school who had twins the same age as my eldest. She was so kind and supportive, when I was going through a difficult separation and divorce. I had the pleasure of running into her this morning.
  • Perfectly fitting and flattering jeans. While shopping for someone else, I found a style and fit just right for me. It was so good, I got four pairs (and heavily discounted).
  • “A Million Little Things.” A new show on ABC that brings attention to the fact that men also have feelings and must find a way to listen to them and make wise choices or suffer negative consequences.
  • The partnership between the Colorado Symphony and the DYAO (Denver Young Artists Orchestra). It’s encouraging to see an established and accomplished group of musicians coming alongside and helping young artists and musicians.
  • The soprano who sang with the YAO’s “Femme Fatale.” I wrote about how she’s inspiring here.
  • This year’s “A Star is Born.” It’s inspirational, and it was well done. Go see it.
  • Autumn flowers. Seeing vivid blooms, when the weather’s crispy and cold, is inspiring and wonderful.
  • Artful done and tasty mochas.

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