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Lula Rose General Store

Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018

This coffee shop — Lula Rose General Store — amongst other places, had been recommended by a guy last week, when he found out I’m checking out local coffee shops.

Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018

I had hoped to find out some life stories from the barista working the coffee bar. That desire was dashed, when I saw how busy the little shop was. Even finding a place to sit was tricky. And, asking to video coffee art in the making, for sure, seemed out of the question.

Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018

But, it wasn’t too long, before we found temporary seating by the window and then meandered over to more spacious seating by the bar. The barista was nothing short of impressive, multi-tasking and working well and quickly.

Lily Chang © 2018

He addressed regulars by name, preferences, and sometimes significant others, all while keeping time with drinks he was making and registering orders on the iPad. Though he was the only one working, he weighed beans, meticulously cleaned after every drink, never lost track of how much espresso was pouring into the shot-glasses, and didn’t miss greeting a single customer.

Once the early morning rush died down, I asked whether I could purchase a mocha or cappuccino and video him creating coffee art. He was more than willing to oblige. I jumped off the stool, giddy.

While he prepared to make the drink, I asked more about him.

He answered the specific questions I asked.

Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018

His name is Oliver. Oliver Finkel.

The shop has been open for three years.

It wasn’t until I prodded further that I found out he’s the owner of the shop. He had said he’s been there from the start, and he’s there seven days a week.

He’s a hard working, friendly, down-to-earth guy. And, he owns the joint.

Pretty impressive.

He’s 27 years old. He opened shop when he was 24, and he spent a year renovating, decorating, and sprucing up the place — which had historically been known for being a florist shop many moons ago — when he was only 23.

Lily Chang © 2018

And, to add to the amazing intrigue and draw, he named the shop, Lula Rose General Store, after his great aunt — Lula Rose — who was a renowned florist in her day. The flowers around the coffee shop are his, and last year, he decided to open a florist shop — Little Lula Rose — to carry on the family florist tradition.


If you’d like to check out either of the digs, here’s the information:

Lula Rose General Store: 3434 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80206. (303)388-1933.

Little Lula Rose: 3225 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80206.


3 thoughts on “Lula Rose General Store”

  1. Interesting that one of Oliver’s employees was supposed to be on duty this morning, but turned up with the stomach flu! Oliver had to come in, take over, sterilize everything, then open the store and tend all the early customers alone. But when we got there, he was serving up coffee and hot chocolate with a smile. (He said he felt jittery, but we couldn’t tell.) His store was busy and he was efficient, friendly and kept right up with the flow … and found time to talk as well. Hard to believe he also runs a flower shop just two blocks down the street. Quite a guy.

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