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Giving Thanks

Complaints and whining have come unbidden, without invitation or reservation, and in abundance.

And, I, for one, have been diminishing and descending into the depths of despair,

feeling discouraged, frustrated, and lost.

Figuring my role and my contribution in the community,

with rejection looming

and the seeming lack of fruitful progress

where making a positive difference matters most,

has been confusing and difficult.


I think what will help is recognizing what we have and “giving thanks” for those blessings.

Lily Chang © 2018

So, without further ado, here’s some of what I’m thankful for:

Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018
  • Continued bold and bright autumn colors.
Lily Chang © 2018

Lily Chang © 2018

  • Decent raking weather, though snow started to fall later in the morning.
Lily Chang © 2018

Lily Chang © 2018

  • A delicious and beautiful mocha and the inspirational story behind the man who made my drink. Read more about Oliver and Lula Rose General Store here.
  • Particular friends who are also parents, supporting and giving me hope by being transparent, vulnerable, and honest about parenting struggles with their own children.
  • Individuals who believe in my writing project and my writing ability and have encouraged me to continue on, in spite of rejection e-mails from agents.
  • Being a trustworthy, safe, encouraging, and dependable friend to others.
Photo taken by Michael Musselman
  • Dressing as a vampire countess and then a singing prodigy of Erik (aka The Phantom of the Opera) for Halloween festivities.
Lily Chang © 2018
Lily Chang © 2018
  • Sushi Den’s spicy but exquisite Sriracha-Garlic Shrimp. All the pores in my face opened, but it sure was tasty. The mashed potatoes and mango salsa helped take the edge off.
  • My Skype session with Nancy, who continues to be generous and kind, offering wisdom, encouragement, and friendship.
  • Tasty Korean food (we both had BibimBob), enjoyable and easy conversation, and company of a dear friend.
  • Post Halloween shopping with another important friend.
  • The sheer delight on my kiddo’s face who came running to hug and greet me, as soon as I walked into the classroom for the Halloween party.
Lily Chang © 2018
  • This cowboy at Dirt Coffee, for his generosity and friendliness in spirit.
Lily Chang © 2018
  • My son presenting a bouquet.
  • A kindred spirit who goes on adventures, rakes leaves, cleans up vomit, goofs off, and brainstorms writing ideas with me.

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