gratitude, gratitude list, thankful, thanks

Sordid Saturday

Lily Chang © 2018

The morning started out gray, with an abundance of bickering about everything: who’s looking at who too long, who’s saying what, who’s doing what wrong, who’s stolen what.

But, I have lots to do: writing, working, grocery shopping, cooking, getting chores done, and spending time with the four kiddos.

I want to make the best of everything.

So, I’m going to start out with what I’m grateful for so far today:

  • No 5:45 AM wake-up. I got to sleep in!
  • No long drives this morning.
  • Rain. Colorado’s constantly in need of moisture. And, my yard looks sad.
  • Caribou Coffee’s (iced) Turtle Mocha, light on the ice. It’s still one of my favorite drinks.
  • Clouds clearing and the sun coming through.
  • An older sibling coming alongside younger siblings to help sort.
  • My bed sheets being laundered.
  • Local Craft Fair we’re going to enjoy later.


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