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Please vote!

Lily Chang © 2018

For those of you who are US citizens, today’s an important day to let your opinions and preferences on certain matters be known. Please, if you haven’t already, vote. Don’t delay — vote!


It’s a privilege to have your voice heard and to have it count.

And, it isn’t something everyone everywhere has, the right to vote on the rules and regulations that guide and change our lives, the judges and representatives that enforce and make the rules we live by.

Give your input. Every person’s view needs to be heard.


As for the rest of you and all of us, really, each person’s thoughts and views are worthy of being heard.

On this blog, I’ve been trying to build a community where we can be transparent and real about our lives. I’m not talking about politics, here. In fact, I’d rather leave such discussions out of this space and blog. There are more appropriate places for that but not here.


Rather, I’d like to focus on the fact that your voices and your lives matter.

Don’t ever think your opinion, your desires, what’s happening to you, or other details of your life don’t matter.

They do.

You’re important.

If you need a shoulder to lean on, I want this to a place where you can do so. If that seems too public and vulnerable, you’re more than welcome to share your story by sending me a message. Use the “contact” icon on the blog or leave a comment at the end of the post (for my e-mail). What you impart to me stays between us, unless you give me permission to share it.

Remember, you’re valued for you are. Your voice is included in that.


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