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Stressful Sore and Giving Thanks


Lily Chang © 2018

I guess I need to relax and take it easy more. 

Seems easier said than done.

I’m going to start by pausing more frequently to be thankful. Here’s my gratitude list, without the bells and whistles:

  • Finding dairy-free (fair trade) chocolate. All my kiddos could enjoy some s’mores.
  • Seeing a blacksmith work.
  • Getting a few good shots of chickens, even though there were tiny (fence) wires in the way.
  • Riding to downtown Denver on the light rail train. I didn’t have to worry about driving or parking.
  • Having a violin shop that offers good quality violins, where we can swap sizes as the kiddos grow and change.
  • Playing checkers and reading to one of the kiddos.
  • Listening to the String Ensemble play “Soundtracks on the Stage.”
  • Catching the school bus in spite of being 25 minutes late due to snowy, icy road conditions.
  • Getting safely from place to place, amidst dicey weather and road conditions.
  • Making s’mores with the kiddos.
  • Seeing a really cool seating area, a large mirror, and an inviting inside at Steam Espresso Bar.
  • Enjoying time with the twins over Thanksgiving lunch at their school.
  • Getting stubborn and painful muscle knots worked out.
  • Talking to Nancy. Being encouraged and getting ready to make a few little tweaks to the first book, in light of comments from an expert.
  • Cooking macaroni and pasta sauce and working on a tricky wooden puzzle with another kiddo.

1 thought on “Stressful Sore and Giving Thanks”

  1. I was onboard for the Soundtrack performance. It was sublime! Closed my eyes and sailed into the imaginary worlds the music helped create. Totally awesome. No exaggeration. Carmen Wiest, the wonderful conductor of the Ensemble, really knows how to inspire the best from those kiddos. She is a treasure. Also no exaggeration.


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