New Year's, New Year's Eve, Resolutions

Don’t Give Up

© Lily Chang

Today’s the eve of New Year’s Eve.

I’m not sure what to make with the hustle and bustle of New Year’s resolutions.

The idea of making a running list of goals that will never get done doesn’t make me giddy with excitement.

I suppose the attitude is a bit like how some feel about Valentine’s Day. How come we make a big deal about love just one day a year?

We should be loving each other and pursuing one another every day.

In a similar vein, why should we concern ourselves with change only one day a year?

Shouldn’t we being doing that like, every day?

Or maybe my refusal to jump on the Resolutions bandwagon with fine holiday cheer is because I’m tired.

Christmas was amazing and rough.

I wasn’t alone or lonely. That was good and important. Being with loved ones was what I needed.


Having a refrigerator and freezer going out days before Christmas,

Throwing away 80% of the perishables stored there,

Putting the rest on ice on coolers on my front porch and back porch,

Being pulled into argumentative nonsense,

Wanting to please everyone, while

Struggling to do what’s right,

Has me feeling tired.

Whatever the case, my feeling is we shouldn’t go for flashy and flamboyant when making our New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead we should go for the reachable.

It’s subtle but, I think, good.

This New Year, don’t give up.

Keep going.

Everything will be all right.

Won’t you join me?

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