fiction, poem, revising, writing

Book 1’s Manuscript is Done

Lily Chang © 2018

The manuscript for Book One’s done.

Won’t lie. It’s been frustrating and fun.

So much to consider when writing, not so clear.

Developments, timing, turning points, oh dear.

My learning curve seemed all too steep,

in over my head, I had gone too deep.

There’s an important story to tell, you see.

Not just for youth and children,

these adventures continue to be.

They’re also for women and men.

Dealt bad cards, betrayed and faced with strife,

they work hard, pay the bills. They’re not done with life.

Nina and her posse find Magic, face the pain,

brightness and light, hope and love to gain.

Life isn’t just a bore, plenty to imagine and play.

Come see, come read. You see, joy’s here to stay.

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