butterflies, butterfly, photography, transformation

Butterflies and Transformations

Lily Chang © 2019

Life seems rough for butterflies from the start. Only a few out of hundreds of eggs laid make it all the way through to the prized fourth stage, due to a number of factors ranging from pesticides to predators. Reaching the butterfly stage still doesn’t guarantee survival. Besides letting the wings dry after emerging from the chrysalis, a butterfly has to assemble the two parts of the proboscis if it plans on drinking any nectar or puddling… you know, doing what it takes to survive.

Lily Chang © 2019

Yet butterflies somehow make it through stages or transformations, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. They’re built to survive and to live well.

Lily Chang © 2019

I believe we’re a little like the butterfly.

There’s much in life to sabotage or threaten our well being. We’re built to weather storms, whether natural disasters or interpersonal trauma. Sometimes we don’t feel that strong. I know I don’t. We, or maybe I should say I have found out I’m tougher or able to withstand much more than I believed possible and become better than I was before tragedy, betrayal, or pain struck. I was meant to transform and become who I was meant to be. I think I’m finally doing what I am supposed to be doing. Or I am darn close.

Lily Chang © 2019

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