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Too Late to Say Goodbye

Lily Chang © 2019

                       Too Late to Say Goodbye

My dear, sweet friend, I heard of your passing.

Sadness flooded my eyes. Made seeing difficult.

Not what I expected, when I heard the phone ring.

Jumbled and confused, the news gave my heart a jolt.

I miss you. I wanted to see you more.

You’re my friend. So important and dear to me.

Full of love, care, and kindness. That was at your core.

Much pain and agony you endured for so long. Now you’re free.

So, if you can hear me from high up above,

though I’m sad you’re no longer here, you live in joy and peace.

You are radiating in love,

where you’re meant to be and all pain has ceased.

Lily Chang

April 12, 2019


One of my kiddos also wrote a tribute to the passing of a dear family friend today. Here’s her poem:

Lily Chang (I.C.’s mom) © 2019


We love you, Barbara.

2 thoughts on “Too Late to Say Goodbye”

  1. So sorry to hear Miss Barbara has passed. Our boys grew up together. My condolences to her family and to you and yours! Peace and love to all!

    Liked by 1 person

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