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Pleasing or Plundering Perspectives

Lily Chang © 2019

I can’t tell what has had the weightier influence in what I’m about to say, being a philosopher or being a parent. Not that that makes a difference. Maybe it does. I don’t know.

I’ve been grading like mad, while doing a million other things over the past few days. Today was the climax of that. So, I’m a bit spent.

What was my point?

Oh, yes. Right. It’s that no one sees the world free and clear of prejudices, preferences, mood, limitations, and whatever else impacts our perceptions.

Here’s a case in point.

Yesterday, I saw something I found fascinating and took a photo.

The appearance captured and captivated my attention.

I saw a pattern.

One that hadn’t been deliberate. I mean, it wasn’t designed.

I mean, it wasn’t planned.

Here it is:

Lily Chang © 2019

In a higher pitched voice and filled with excitement, I shared the image with a stranger and asked her to identify it, as best she could.

Her answer left me stunned.

A drain.

Ewwww. What?


I once made the mistake of stepping into the bathroom of an apartment where two bachelors lived, and the bottom of the toilet looked like the Grand Canyon, filled with layers upon layers of rust red and brown colors. Utterly disgusting.

Is that how she reacted to my photo?


I was sad, for only a moment.

She clearly didn’t see what I saw.

Or appreciate what was there.

I had the opposite reaction. I thought it looked more like an eye up close,

a kaleidoscope pattern,

something positive.

I thought it was something beautiful and, dare I say, wonderful.

For sure, not something despicable and dirty.

Any idea what it is? Can you identify what is in my photograph?

What do you see?


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