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Muddy Mess or Parading Perfection

I’m not one of those who uses social media to parade perfection, as if my life, my family, and my home fit some sort of neat, tidy, and dreamy ideal that make everyone hang on my every word, photo, and post. Can’t wait to see and hear what I have to share next.

But I haven’t shared the muddy mess that I wade through every single day. Not including that stuff hasn’t been fueled by fear of what others might think or by the desire to show only my better side. Rather, I want to be careful to protect people and stories that aren’t mine to share.

Well, yesterday, I conversed with an acquaintance, another mom whose child is taking violin lessons from the same teacher.

And we connected.

We didn’t have a conversation about whose child was more of a child prodigy, who started lessons earlier, or who was playing what.

Lily Chang © 2019

Rather, we commiserated and celebrated our children finding comfort and building confidence in playing the violin, in the face of struggling with classroom learning and focusing difficulties. Mine also has faced bullying trouble at school.

Her son and my daughter have found refuge and sanctuary in playing the violin. And they have encouraged others through their playing. That’s plenty good enough for me.

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