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Delivery Differences

Lily Chang © 2019

I’m not talking about take out or take away food delivery differences, although that is fascinating in its own right. You can have restaurant menu items or grocery store choices delivered, while you’re busy doing something else at home or you’re about leave work. Getting grub can be so fast and easy and can provide income to those who can grab and deliver food.

I’m not talking about that here.

Yesterday morning, when we had nearly arrived at the school, we heard Mary Lennox, in the musical “The Secret Garden” give a curt “bye.” We started saying “bye-bye” in all sorts of different ways, mixing accents, tones, and dynamics.

That got me to thinking uttering “bye-bye” with varying intonations carries different meanings and different words in other languages.

Lily Chang © 2019

Said a certain way, in Mandarin, means “worshipping,” whether a god, gods, or deceased ancestors.

Lily Chang © 2019

Spoke another particular way, in Taiwanese, means “ugly.” Isn’t that dead-leaf butterfly ugly? Nah. I don’t think so, but I couldn’t find an ugly photo in my stash.

We all had a good laugh.

Language and its utterances can be so fascinating and funny.

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