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Lily Chang © 2019

Soon after I found out Wicked was coming to Denver and tickets went on sale, I hopped on the opportunity to purchase tickets and I started listening to the music. Even though I had heard much hustle and bustle about the musical, I didn’t know much about it. All I knew was that it was based loosely on the book, Wicked, written by Gregory Maquire. From what I had heard, the book was very, very dark, perhaps gratuitously evil, but the musical wasn’t.

The music took some time to grow on me and then I couldn’t stop listening to it. The music’s catching, and the lyrics say so much in such clever ways.

I had never seen the musical before. So, my awareness of the story line was based solely on what I had heard through the music and later had read in the synopsis in the Producer’s Note. I wasn’t a fan of Glinda, because she disavowed any relation to Elphaba, also known as the Wicked Witch. When Elphaba was alive, things didn’t fare much better. Glinda seemed like this Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, popular and annoying character, who tried to make Glinda a weird clone of herself and made sure she made Elphaba aware that she’d never measure up.

And, Elphaba already had it pretty bad. When she was born, her parents wanted nothing to do with her, because she was different. She was, wait for it, green. Later, when the Wizard found out she magical talents, he wanted to tap that and tried to trick her into doing his evil bidding. When she wasn’t willing to, he ruined her by labeling and announcing that she was evil; and she was branded a villain.


The middle of last month, we went to see Wicked, and it’s been constantly playing in my mind ever since.

Lily Chang © 2019

Some of those perceptions I had were way off.

Glinda wasn’t as horrible as I had thought her to be. She was not ignoring or denying an unexpected and deep friendship. Her public claim of having only some acquaintance of who Elphaba was, following her death, was not some sort of betrayal or lack of sensitivity. It was something else. Something more meaningful.

The music saved some surprise for the stage performance. Had to be there to know those details. Wow! I was caught totally off guard by what I learned.

Winnie Holzman’s story-telling and Stephen Schwartz’s music and lyric writing utterly amazed me. Everything, I mean everything — from the settings to the costumes to the acting — had me spellbound and enthralled throughout the whole performance, from song to song, scene to scene. All the way to the very end.

First time attending a Wicked performance, I give an enthusiastic thumbs up. Go see it.

Lily Chang © 2019

Can’t wait to see it again, when the show comes back here.

9 thoughts on “Wicked!”

  1. The lyrics brought back memories of Stephen Sondheim’s best work — he’s got my vote as Broadway’s best-ever lyricist, hands down. Holzman and Schwartz cooked up a word feast every bit, by turns, as mischievous, poetic, and powerful as anything Sondheim has done. And the two leads, both women (thank God — finally! — a Broadway company brave enough to stake its future on strong female leads), were absolutely stellar performers. It was an honor to witness it. Honestly, I was wiping away tears all the way through. That’s how good it was.

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  2. Wicked changed me for good. I have seen it four times- once on Broadway. The musical sparked my love for musicals.

    I love how the center core of Wicked is the deep and powerful friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. That is one of the two main storylines I focus on the most whenever I see Wicked- the other one I strongly focus on is the love triangle. It is Elphaba x Fiyero x Glinda I am emotionally connected to most notably to Elphaba, who is actually my favorite musical theatre character.

    Wicked has been in my life for 13 years (the love started August 2006)

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      1. Entering Wicked- I was completely a novice at everything. Only 12 at the Gershwin Theater with my mom. Only the two of us in NYC. Favorite song at the time was “Popular”. That is all I remember from 2006- wow, has it really been 13 years since I stepped foot in that theatre?

        3 more times at Ovens Auditorium, one of the theaters that make up Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte, my hometown. Each time- the show gets better and better and more complex.

        Only emotionally connected to the three- each time, I focus the most on the love triangle and friendship that I ALWAYS am overlooking the other storylines in this spectacular musical.

        As Wicked says, “I have been changed for good” because of it. I have discovered what it means to have an emotional connection due to the musical and discovered the complex and emotional side of musicals as well. Wicked did spark the love- not the passion- but truly was the beginning.

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      2. Each time- always find something new in Wicked- when it comes to those characters.

        You will always find something new- You can always find something you can explore about the love triangle. It helps paying very close attention to Fiyero in act I to better understand the plot twist in act II.

        Even with Elphaba and Glinda- you can find something new, which strengthens their friendship.


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