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The Best Cut

Lily Chang © 2019

This past weekend, on our regular grocery shopping run, I wanted to pick up some sea scallops, because they were on sale. That day, loads of people wanted seafood. So, I waited. There was no organized line to speak of. It was first come first serve.

Lily Chang © 2019

When my turn was up, I stepped closer to the counter and some guy decided he had to go first. He asked to see a 2.5 pound piece of salmon. He proceeded to say that he wanted this part cut off and that part cut off. And he only wanted essentially what he considered the best portion. Just a pound’s worth. As if that wasn’t enough of an offense, the shopper demanded he witness the grocery store employee make the slices, to ensure it was done the way the guy wanted.

I walked away pretty frustrated and miserable. Why do people have to be such entitled jerks? Just freaking ask for the pound of salmon and let the employee do it.

After I went home and had a chance to reflect on the incident and thought about writing, I came up with a solution and have felt peaceful ever since.

Add some comic relief into a serious situation to ease the tension.

Lily Chang © 2019

Well, I worked what had happened into a scene I was working on this week for book two, and doing that was fun.

Now, I need to do that in my life. This world is full of thoughtless jerks. I can’t change that. What I can do is respond, if merely in my mind, with some humor.

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