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Risky Writing

Lily Chang © 2019

Writing fiction doesn’t involve putting out imaginary inventions and that’s it. Anyone claiming otherwise is delusional or isn’t fully ready to come to terms with the fact that personal or familial details will be broadcasted in no uncertain terms.

Writing already qualifies as risky. I’m putting my authentic and real self out there. Even though I’ve made up the characters, circumstances, events, and scenes, they contain pieces of me, whether in reaction, experience, or feelings. People can access who I am just by reading my novels.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s more. In my novels, there are scenes that take place in unsavory settings or include creepy characters. Getting the details down is hard, people. That involves going to dark, difficult, horrible places where humanity has dared to go. I find myself wanting to take a super hot shower and cleanse my skin with sandpaper when I’m done. And maybe get some therapy in a huge and serious way.

Then why add such things if they threaten my privacy and well-being?

Lily Chang © 2019

Because we don’t live in a candy-shop world, where everything is sweet and dandy. Yes, there is plenty of beauty, goodness, and spectrum of colors to be experienced. But, we also deal with undesirables, such as meanness, betrayal, disappointment, hatred, anxiety, and darkness.

In the face of ugliness and despair, we can still see light, hope, love, and magical wonder, and I’m willing to take risks to share that with you, my readers and friends, through my writing.


What did I learn about taking that risk of trying to get on to the swing that was over a yard off the ground, you might ask?

I did it! I was able to jump on

the swing.

My arms felt like they were going to fall off, going back and forth. But, I could still swing!

Sliding off the plank of wood hurts! I have to jump off of it.

I could and did do it again.

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