poem, snow, snow plows, woe

Clearing the Roads, or Not

Lily Chang © 2019

I’m thankful for the snow plows,

even though I’ve been on the road for two and a half hours.

The kids are in school, now.

Where were you during the moments I cowered?

Watching vehicles unable to slide their way up a slope.

Slipping into this or hitting that.

I’m not any better, I felt like such a driving dope.

Had trouble controlling my stop to go, nerves shot at the drop of a hat.

But, I appreciate what you’re doing, don’t stop clearing.

I still need to bring my kiddos to violin lessons and home.

Oh, wait! The roads are clear, now; no one’s causing a ding.

Thanks anyway and thanks for nothing. Now I can feel free to roam.


Lily Chang © 2019

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