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Get Out of My Face: Wonder Still Exists in This Space

Lily Chang © 2019

One’s getting braces,

while the others are doing Lord knows what.

Scratching this person’s face,

hitting that one’s butt.

Giving her a thrust,

cashing him in on a bust.

This one wants to be left alone,

that one demands a phone.

She says, “Get out of my face.”

He says, “You’re all in my space.”

“Mommy, why aren’t you doing anything?”

Because I’m deciding whether to scream or sing.

When I’m frustrated or in despair,

I’m at odds with life. Nothing’s fair.

Can’t you just show a little love. Be kind?

If that person weren’t so annoying, I wouldn’t mind.

My photos and sharing aren’t just a facade,

that’s full of beauty and perfection.

I’ve shared some difficulties, a really quick nod.

We all live there, where difficulties lie. It’s been done.

What I want to show is despite strife,

so much wonder and delight still exist in life.


Lily Chang © 2019

2 thoughts on “Get Out of My Face: Wonder Still Exists in This Space”

  1. Conflicts so crazy-making,
    Hard work, so lazy-making,
    Problems, so hazy-making,
    Make a puzzle forever lacking parts.
    But …
    Vict’rys, so memory-making,
    Lost loves, so heart-breaking,
    Giant steps, so breath-taking,
    Make us nuzzle together, embracing hearts!

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