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New Year’s Eve

Lily Chang © 2019

It’s New Year’s Eve.

Bring on the loudness and the cheer.

Over drinks, change is conceived.

Put on a smile, have no fear.

Start all over. Begin anew.

So many plans, so much hope.

Perhaps list a few,

before realizing, what a dope.

New Year’s resolutions, just habit or custom,

is a cover and not a thing.

Throw a bone or a crumb.

Thought of change is good, let us sing.

After we’ve run in the new decade

and the partying and noise have stopped,

excitement of change will fade.

Doing things differently is hard. Desire has popped.

So, happy new year! I bid you good night.

Do what you want and play.

I won’t join in the crazy or put up a fight.

Tomorrow’s a new day. Got nothing more to say but to bid you a good day.


Lily Chang © 2019

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