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COVID-19, We’re Terminating You

Lily Chang © 2020


Yesterday, our mayor declared,

joining the rest of the world, like we cared.

Effective today, we’re to stay home.

People want pity for wanting to roam.

The truth is, we’ve done too little, too late,

the death of ever many could be our fate.

I’m no scientist, certainly no epidemiologist.

So why scream, shout, raise a fist?

We haven’t dealt with this rampant a pandemic,

where so many have died and gotten so sick.

There were early signs back in December we pushed away, ignored.

Stomping and blaming isn’t anything we can afford.

I, for one, am thankful for advancing technology,

taking in precautions, an end to this we will see.

Wash hands, cough in the sleeve, don’t touch the face;

stay home, don’t socialize in-person. Keep the space.

Stop being the skeptic and complaining.

That’s not cool. Don’t make it a thing.

If you’re well, deliver food, toilet paper, and all that good stuff.

Help all those who’ve got it rough.

If you’re sick, rest and take care.

You do matter and how you fare.

COVID-19, we’re terminating you.

Working together, you are through!


Lily Chang © 2020

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