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Being Social and Fun

A friend of mine had posted this on Facebook. I eagerly read what she had written and followed suit!
Here are my answers:
Why not…πŸ˜‰πŸ€”Come on, someone do this with me! Facebook is supposed to be social and fun, AND I’M TIRED OF READING ABOUT COVID-19, so let’s learn about each other, copy then go to your page and paste, filling in your own answers.
I’ve combined a couple of these into one.
Driven 100 mph β€” No.
Ridden in a helicopter β€” Yes.
Gone zip lining β€” No.
Been to an NFL game β€” Can’t remember. Not interested in attending.
Been to Canada β€” Yes. It’s been awhile, though.
Visited Florida β€” Yes.
Visited Mexico β€” Yes.
Visited Vegas β€” Yes.
Eaten alone at a restaurant β€” Yes.
Ability to read music β€” Yes.
Ridden a motorcycle β€” Yes, as a passenger.
Ridden a horse β€” Yes.
Stayed in a hospital β€” Yes.
Donated blood β€” Not yet.
Been snow skiing β€” Yes.
Seen snow – Yes.
Been to Disney β€”- Yes.
Slept outside β€” Not that I can remember.
Driven a stick shift β€” I’m not sure it counted as ‘driving’ per se. I tried a few times?
Driven a boat β€” no.
Eaten Escargot β€” no.
Been on a cruise β€” I don’t think so.
Run out of gas β€” No.
Been on TV β€” Yes.
Eaten Sushi β€” Yes. Oh, yes.
Favorite Pie: I don’t have one. I’m not big on pies.
Steak or Seafood: Seafood.
Italian or Chinese: That’s a hard one. Can it be an inclusive ‘or’?
Pepsi or Coke: Neither.
Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE!
How many tattoos: None. I once got my ears pierced (that’s a needle through each earlobe, right?) because one of my kiddos badly wanted to get her ears pierced. She thought she’d have more confidence in getting it done, after I got mine pierced.
Ever hit a deer: No.
Netflix or Hulu: Neither.
Last text from: Laurie.
Favorite season: It’s a toss-up, between autumn and spring.
Broken Bones: Not yet.
Surgeries: one.
Favorite color: Depends on what. Red and purple are my favs.
Sunrise or Sunset: I’m with my friend, Kay, on this one. Sunset. I’m not awake for sunrise.
Mountains or Beach: Depends on my mood?
Dogs or cats: Cats. I enjoy the company of dogs, but I’m not sure I’m up for caring for them.
Early morning person: Oh, noooooo, not if 5:30 or 5:50 count as early morning.
Summer or Winter: Winter. I can’t stand being hot.
Favorite holiday:Christmas.
Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: I haven’t given it any thought since one of my kiddos is allergic to it. But, I used to prefer crunchy.
Waffles or pancakes: Neither. I don’t fancy or prefer pastries, in general.

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