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Unpredictable Occurrences in an Unprecedented, Difficult Time

Lily Chang © 2020


Nothing seems right. No longer do I know how to interact with others. I crave the companionship of people. But I deserve to be alone. Crap flies out of my mouth at unpredictable moments; no idea where the word vomit came from. Tears and overwhelming sadness come. I struggle even more so in discerning right and wrong. Feeling incapable of doing what’s right and good. I’m just fumbling my way through. Paralyzed with worry about how I am to be, what I am to do. These are moments, where I feel trapped in a cruel inferno, of life in this crazy pandemic COVID-19.

Yet I want us to stick together and see each other through this unprecedented, difficult time. Hope and love come from above and with each other. We can do this, together.

Lily Chang

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