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Mad Monday

Mondays seemed crazy before the pandemic. Now they feel even madder.

The weekend brimmed with activities: celebrating birthdays – eating special meals, making a cookie cake, picking up boba tea drinks, opening presents – in addition to the usual doing chores and cooking.

My tension headaches decreased in intensity for awhile. Spending time with people does that for me. Especially when I can relax with my kiddos and my friends.

Then Sunday, anticipating preparation needed for the next day and week, brought the stress right back.

Lily Chang © 2020

One thing I’m doing to bring more sanity and wellness to my life is dressing up. Since March, with social distancing due to COVID-19, I haven’t bothered getting out of the casual wear. But dressing up is usually important to me. Putting on a skirt or dress is something I enjoy doing and makes a difference. I also love accessorizing, like wearing necklaces and wrapping scarves. So, I’m going to start dressing a bit fancier again.

What are you doing during this pandemic to be good to yourself?


2 thoughts on “Mad Monday”

  1. Hey, Lily, I wanted to comment here why I like your blog. I had this sensation before reading a word. It is just lovely and calming. The pictures and your font are conducive to a sense of peace, regardless of how upheaveled (is that a word?) your life seems to be for you. Thank you for that. I hope you decide to share more here. Looking forward to hanging out with you more!

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