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A-to-Z Inspirations

Lily Chang © 2020

This list includes some of my life inspirations, starting with words beginning with the letter A, continuing on to B and so on, and finishing with Z:

A artists, autumn, authenticity, aromas

B butterflies, books, bridges, beaches

C children, craft chocolate, castles, community, challenges, cameras, Chopin, conversations, costumes, culinary cuisines, cathedrals

D dreams, daughters, dawn, dusk, daddies

E Easter, elephants

F friends, family, fantasy, flowers

G giraffes

H honeybees, hope, happiness, heaven, harpsichord

I instruments, improvisation, imagination, insight

J jukeboxes

K kaleidoscopes, kindness, kindred spirits

L love, light, legos

M music, musicians, mothers, magic, mazes, manga, movies, musicals, music boxes

N notes, nature

O opera, outings, owls

P patience, photographs, puzzles, people, phonographs, piano, philosophy, purpose, poetry

Q questions, quests

R rainbows, relationships, roses, reflections

S snowflakes, stories, sushi and sashimi (especially from Sushi Den), Schubert, son, sunrise, sunset, singing

T tunnels, turtles, typewriters, twirling

U uniqueness

V violins, variety, vacations

W waterfalls, watercolor, walks

X xylophones

Y years

Z zippers

2 thoughts on “A-to-Z Inspirations”

  1. I love you’r pictures and I like you’r idea to find the thing that inspire you, you also found a way to find as many thing that inspire you as possible by doing at leased 1 thing that started with each letter from A-to-Z

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