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Vote. Vote, now!

Today’s Election Day in the US. Thank goodness the day is almost over.

Tension and emotions have been crazy high. Major stores in larger cities have boarded up their windows, in anticipation of potential violent protests. Some schools in Denver are preparing for alternate plans for students, in case there is unrest following the election. 


Well, if you’re voting, vote for me!

Lily Chang © 2020


You see, a local chocolate shop here in Denver, Temper Chocolates and Confections, ran a Flavor Contest. Four finalists were chosen and announced on October 19th. I was one of the four!!!

Flavors of these four winner’s creations will be sold as a 4-pack throughout this month, all month long. People can vote for their favorite one.

Winner gets a sweet reward.


This is my flavor:

Lily Chang © 2020

You want to support your favorite artist, me, right?! Of course you do. You can go in-person to Denver Central Market to buy a box or, I think you can buy the chocolate online. Whatever. Vote for me! 


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