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Gratitude with Attitude

Lily Chang © 2020

I’m keeping this short, because we’re still in the middle of family time….

No matter how undesirable circumstances may be, gratitude should never be remiss.

Here’s some of what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving Day:

  • With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we had our Thanksgiving feast at home, just us. With excellent help, meal preparation wasn’t overwhelming or a chore. Good times.
  • Talking with my parents and hearing about how they’re doing.
  • Chatting with my sister.
  • Spending time with my four kiddos, eating, playing games, and watching Star Wars.
  • Eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal.
  • A dear friend cleaning my roof gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Enjoying properly functioning heat.
  • Having a home.
  • Not being alone during this pandemic.
  • Staying pretty healthy, the lot of us.
  • Just being with family. No distractions, no school, no work.
  • Beautiful snow and well-plowed streets to drive in when taking a kiddo to the orthodontist.
  • Advent, for both comings: the one that has already occurred and the one that is yet to come.
  • The iced turtle mocha I picked up after taking a kiddo to the orthodontist the other day. I’ve missed Caribou Coffee so much.
  • Building LEGOs.
  • Chances to see so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

What are you thankful for?

Try coming up with at least ten and I challenge you to share them in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude with Attitude”

  1. This is where I burst out singing Raindrops on Roses from the Sound of Music….
    I am grateful for Having talented family members who know how to cook and bake, an older brother who drives my parents every month to see their grandkids, our elf on the Shelf, virtual 10k races on Thanksgiving Day and all my running community who ran and waved at me, seasonal fruit like persimmons and pomegranates, Christmas music, turkey and rice soup the day after Thanksgiving, paid government holidays, afternoon naps, and friendly pet cats.

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