Your Love is True

Lily Chang © 2022


Your Love is True


How can you stand it to be near me

with all you can and do see?

The ugliness, mistakes I continue to make,

just how much more will you take?

I’ll never be enough,

just plenty ragged and rough.

Yet, here you are, by my side,

even when I’ve curled up and cried.

You are strong and take my hand.

You never let go, especially when I can’t stand.

I feel like one giant mistake. I’m so weak.

But here you are, glowing with pride. I’m the one you seek.

You’re the one with the eternal crown,

never leaving me alone, never letting me down.

Nothing escapes your view,

yet I am one you pursue.

You take me in your arm,

to make sure there’s no harm.

When I’m stuck in hostility and strife,

you breathe in me life.

You want to stand and be near.

Knowing every little detail, you call me dear.

Even when I doubt your love is true,

never failing, you always see me through.


Lily Chang

August 31, 2022

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