Coming Up for Air

Latte art on cracked wood, symbolizing a broken relationship
Lily Chang © 2023

Hello! Sorry about the long hiatus. I’ve been muddying through the writing and querying trenches.

I spent a year or so querying my first thriller. For those who aren’t quite as familiar with the jargon, I’ve been looking for a literary agent.

After sending a boatload of queries, I got a handful of manuscript requests. I could almost taste the sweetness of being represented.

In the end, the answer was no. No one offered representation.

That hurt. A lot.

Lily Chang © 2023

Though I got positive feedback, like this thriller has the potential to be a bestseller, I wasn’t sure what sort of fix it needed.

Isn’t that what a literary agent is for?

I didn’t know what to do next. I’ll admit I felt dejected, discouraged, and distressed. At my worst, I like an imposter, incapable of writing something worthwhile.

After some serious soul-searching – no, I’m kidding. At some point, I realized the manuscript wasn’t ready to die (or wherever rejected and abandoned manuscripts go).

I sweat much blood in the process of significantly and substantively revising the manuscript. That’s done, and I have begun querying, again, with a different book title that better fits the story.

Who wants to know the title of my future debut novel?

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