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Daylight Savings Came to an End

Go ahead and end daylight savings. Oh wait, it's done. Too late to say a thing. I was so excited, I forgot to sing. It was for our good. Doesn't it have a nice ring? No magic with dawn or dusk happened overnight. But the benefits are great! Uh, can't identify what they are. Aren't… Continue reading Daylight Savings Came to an End

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Too Late to Say Goodbye

                       Too Late to Say Goodbye My dear, sweet friend, I heard of your passing. Sadness flooded my eyes. Made seeing difficult. Not what I expected, when I heard the phone ring. Jumbled and confused, the news gave my heart a jolt. I miss you.… Continue reading Too Late to Say Goodbye

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Under Blankets of Sadness and Despair

  I'm not posting different gestures and examples to show that love is always lovely and good. Plenty can be said about the trials, frustrations, and difficulties that surface and fester. I'll be the first to admit that. I'll do that by sharing a poem I wrote January 6, 2012, when my life was falling… Continue reading Under Blankets of Sadness and Despair