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Persnickety Physical Perfection

For those who want a serious or tame read, skip this post. Sassafras here. Lingering, wallowing, and then drowning in tears, self-loathing, tears, tears, despair, and more tears, all over not looking just "right" or "perfect." Wait a second, that's not quite right. I'm too fat. I have a belly. My chest.... Well, I've heard… Continue reading Persnickety Physical Perfection

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Finding My Artist’s Voice, Being Me

What compelled me to pick up watercolor paints and brushes a few years ago was an unforgettable experience at the oral surgeon's office. While the doctor was shoving bone back into place and splinting my teeth, I flashed an image of a butterfly against a bright blue and magenta background. Even after he said he… Continue reading Finding My Artist’s Voice, Being Me